Don’t Let Social Media Ruin You

2 August 2019

Earlier this week I tried convincing my mom to put me back on her car insurance but she refuses to because the insurance is high. I hate being stuck in Connecticut and not having access to drive around and run errands or work, so I went on Turo which is one of my favorite short-term car rental apps and tried renting a Prius. I got in touch with the owner to find out that the Prius was unavailable, while his Porsche was very available. After hours of text communicating and negotiating (I’m such an entrepreneur) I convinced him to give me the Porsche for the same cost as the Prius. I was a little nervous about driving a Porsche around but I figured I needed a car this week, so why not? I had my dad drive with me to pick it up, and his facial expression upon realizing the type of car I rented was priceless. He was in absolute shock and probably fear!

Fast forward a few hours and I’m getting hollered at, stopped on the highway and questioned every minute it felt like about this car. I’m not a car person, so I don’t know the difference between a Porsche, a Prius or a freakin’ Range Rover to say the least. It’s just a car, why does it matter? No part of me intended to rent a Porsche to film this video or to prove anything, but after I started driving it around I realized that there was content that should come out of this experience. I wanted to prove that social media isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, ever. What better way to do that than with an accidental Porsche rental? I was shocked at the amount of people who DM’ed me or friends who texted me freaking out thinking I actually bought a Porsche! I’m honored, but I wouldn’t trust myself in a car that goes this fast 24/7. Thank you, next.

In LA, I rent a car through a company called Canvas, and I certainly feel insecure driving around a car that’s not a Tesla. I’m not going to lie and say I don’t because I do. I know people who were fortunate enough to have family members buy them nice cars, but that’s not my reality. Every item I own or rent I have to work so hard to pay for, which is a rewarding and stressful feeling! LA is such a superficial place filled with Range Rover’s and Tesla’s on every corner, and sometimes you feel like you aren’t worthy if you aren’t driving one. In reality, I think you have no less value if you aren’t driving a nice car and I’ve had to force myself to understand the words I preach especially on the topic of the car. No material item is worth is much as you or your happiness is.

I hope this video and experience reminds you that social media is 1% of real life. All of the celebrities and “influencers” you follow aren’t always practicing what they preach, and you shouldn’t waste your time wanting anyone else’s life besides yours.




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2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Social Media Ruin You”

    I am a teen. I’m trying to put my social media habit to good use with an online clothing store and blog for teens. Any advice? My store is here: nicolemariefashions [.] com

      Hi Nicole! Great question. Super cute site! My best advice is to continue reaching out to people who you think may be able to write about your blog. From there, you can get some traction. Don’t be afraid to keep writing even if no one is reading initially- it takes time to get people to pay attention to what you’re doing!