#FearlessFridays: Starting My Disney Show!

31 August 2018

Please ignore the bandaid on my knee. I fell on a scooter. 

This week has been BONKERS. I finally got to release the news about my new show, and it premiers next Friday at 9 PM PST on Radio Disney. If you’ve never listened to Radio Disney, there’s an app you can download, or listen on AM & Sirius Radio. I interviewed influencer Montana Tucker yesterday which was a total blast- and a fantastic first interview! She’s a singer and a dancer with a massive online following and an inspirational background.

I’ve never worked for another company before (besides internships when I was younger) so going from completely working for myself to taking on a new project with a huge company is this crazy whirlwind feeling. There’s been an adjustment period but everyone I’ve interacted with and work with has been so fabulous that I feel like I’m already on a roll and I’m only one episode in! For every This is Life Unfiltered episode, I’ll usually film at my office or my apartment, with just the guest I’m interviewing on the room, and now that Fearless Everyday is airing on Disney, I’m interviewing people in a new space with new people in the room! It’s really intimidating to be “watched” while interviewing someone- which is my #FearlessFriday of this week! You feel like you have new eyes on you that you never had before, which can be intimidating but also helpful because I finally have someone else besides myself to ask questions to. Like should I slow down? Do I need to ask different questions? No question is too “small” of a question in my book.

Fearless Everyday launches NEXT FRIDAY!!!! And I hope you’re as hyped about this show as I am. The lineup of guests is ridiculous, and they’re all such talented and fearless people that you guys are going to love listening to. Share what you participated in this week that got you out of your comfort zone on social media with the hashtag #fearlessfridays or #fearlesseveryday- I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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