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8 December 2020

I chose to postpone the next Be Fearless Summit, which was the hardest decision I’ve made in a while! When you’re an entrepreneur whose life revolves around every career moment, making difficult decisions sucks but is an unfortunate reality! It’s not just me feeling frustrated over canceled events during the spring. I know so many of you had to cancel your graduation parties, weddings and personal events. We’re all in the same boat, getting through this bizarre time together!

I’ve gotten messages asking why I decided not to bring the Be Fearless Summit online, and I made an executive decision not to do that for a few reasons. The main reason being I have no clue how to do that! I always envisioned the summits in-person, and the turnaround time to bring it online seemed tight. I would’ve had to retrain myself about all things tech, because I had no clue that a company like Digi Bash Virtual Events existed…

I’ve seen Create and Cultivate along with friends of mine successfully bring their own events online during COVID-19. They’re great, innovative and inspiring during a time when many people need inspiration and content.

Digi Bash Events will take all of the stress and anxiety of planning an event away from you as the host, and help bring your vision to life remotely. That means if you’re planning a virtual summit or fireside chat, Digi Bash does all the heavy lifting for you. 

How cool is that!?

Here are some thoughts about virtual events:

1. Virtual events are so simple when you find the right virtual production partner. 

2. Virtual happy hours and team-building events keep employee engagement high. 
3. We all need something on the calendar to look forward to, regardless of whether that’s a virtual happy hour or wedding.

Digi Bash Virtual Events will lead you to hosting your best virtual event.

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