Knowing Your Worth… Around Money

19 October 2017

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This is Life Unfiltered, my podcast, aired yesterday, and I’ve been getting some of the sweetest comments in my DMs on Instagram! If you haven’t had a chance to listen, click the link to hear the first episode! Each Wednesday at 7 AM EST, you can expect a new episode. If you like it, please subscribe + write a review. Feel free to email me your ideas for other episodes, or people you’d like to hear on it as well!

After I published episode 1 yesterday, I had a different podcast interview with Neale Godfrey. If you’re not familiar with her, she’s an incredible financial expert, writer, and expert on all things finance and kids. She interviewed me for her podcast that will be out around November 8th. I was excited to talk with her about teens and finances, because I’ve posted about that topic on my site before and it really interests me. Since I’ve managed to make my blog into a full-time career, I’ve had to learn a lot about finances that I didn’t expect to know at my age. Things like stocks, savings accounts, and writing my taxes (and checks) have become second nature to me over the past few months. You’re never taught about handling money in college or high school, which is why I think it’s crucial to educate parents and teens from a young age.

Since the Harvey Weinstein situation came out in the media, there has been a lot of additional talk around women in the entertainment and business industry. I’m disgusted at Harvey Weinstein, and his team, but I can’t say I’m surprised. Since I was a kid, people like Harvey have been around, and no one in this messed up business puts a stop to people like that. Like I always say, there is so much that goes on behind the scenes the people watching the TV or reading the magazine don’t see. Terry Richardson is an incredibly famous and successful photographer who has been (openly) assaulting and abusing girls at his photo shoots for years, yet he continues to create “art” with no repercussions. When will this behavior end? There are situations that occur outside of the public eye, in massive corporations and at small startups, that include a power struggle between men and women. Remind me why women still make less money compared to men?

Today, I got an email from a college asking me how much I charge to speak. After speaking with Neale yesterday, I finally feel like I have the voice to be strong about how much I require to participate in an opportunity. Asking for money in general, or a raise if you work at a corporate company, can be terrifying. I’m always asked by other young girls how I go about getting myself sponsored and finding paid gigs for my blog: and I tell them that I go about it by not being afraid of the word no. The minute you start being afraid is the minute you begin to loose sight of your worth.




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One thought on “Knowing Your Worth… Around Money”

    Love this! Excellent article and what a great mentality you have. I definitely can relate, and one of the ways I’ve moved up in the work place is by demanding respect and proving my worth to my supervisors. Even so, there is still the issue that they’re often blinded from taking note of our achievements and I find myself constantly having to spell out the things I do to actually be given any credit. Looking forward to more articles and podcast episodes in the future! 🙂