Take A Step Back & Relax!

27 November 2019

The holidays can be stressful for many. I was quoted in a Redbook interview a few weeks ago about how I de-stress: which usually means taking a few days off, reading and meditating. When it’s summit season like it is right now for me I struggle with taking time off, but I don’t work on the holiday and consciously decide to work a few hours a day if I need to.

Here’s a few other ways you can de-stress during the holidays…

1. Writing

Writing down your thoughts can be a great way to put your day into perspective, according to Entrepreneur’s quick and easy de-stressing guide. Start by writing about what’s been bothering you, and let your words flow freely on the page. It helps to write about things that you can’t say out loud because bottling up your emotions often leads to pent-up stress. For a quick mental boost, try writing down at least one thing you’re grateful for and one goal you’ve achieved — no matter how small it may seem. As a bonus, you can look back on your previous entries and maybe come to realize that you made it through all those “bad” days.

2. Meditating

If you haven’t already tried meditation, we suggest trying out several meditation apps like Headspace and Calm that can help you build a daily de-stressing habit. Consistency is key when it comes to this method. Taking a few minutes every morning to breathe, clear your mind, and focus your energy can make a massive difference in your daily outlook. With some practice, you’ll be able to approach your usual struggles with an inner, unshakeable calm.

3. Get outside!

When’s the last time you’ve truly appreciated nature? Earthing involves going outdoors and experiencing the peace and serenity that comes with being surrounded by trees or by bodies of water. Statistics published by Parsley Health show that your stress levels will drop by up to 20% just by being surrounded by nature, and exercise doesn’t necessarily even have to be involved. Just touching, smelling, and just experiencing the sounds and sights of nature can be enough to elevate your mood. If you live in the city, finding pockets of nature can be difficult. However, even making a small change like eating your lunch outside can have a positive impact.

4. Coloring

To nurture your inner artist, Good Housekeeping suggests a selection of adult coloring books to help you relax. They claim that these books have a huge range of benefits, from decreasing stress to improving focus. Unlike taking on a full-blown art project, coloring books are portable and easy to set up and put away. Plus, their trendy nature means that there are enough categories to suit everyone’s niche interests: “Whether you’re a fan of Disney, animals, tattoo art, or flowers, there’s a coloring book for you.” All you need to get started after making your agonizing decision are a few coloring materials and you’re good to go!

5. Baking

Chances are that all that stress has made you hungry. We’ve got the perfect solution for you: baking. Whether it’s classic chocolate chip cookies or carrot cake, baking is sure to distract you from your source of stress and give you a delicious treat to munch on. In CNET’s guide to holiday de-stressing, they claim that “baking offers a productive and creative way to get your mind off of holiday stress, so whip up a batch of goodies to share with friends and family (or to eat yourself, we’re not judging you).”

Now that you’re finally home and away from all your stressors you can finally begin to relax and unwind. Which de-stressing method are you going to try first?


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