I’m Not Kate Moss But…

26 September 2017

I was reading a really interesting article on Forbes about The Blonde Salad’s Chiara Ferragni early this morning, and it got me thinking about brands and sponsorships. Tomorrow on my newsletter, I’ll be talking about sponsorships and working with your dream brands, so if you’re in the social media world, subscribe and read more about the topic!

It’s incredibly important for me to align myself with brands that are both suitable for teens and their parents. If I was promoting crazy toys and video games, it wouldn’t necessarily align with my brand or mission. Now that I’ve moved to LA for a few months, I’ve been realizing how easy it is to constantly compare yourself to other people. Everyone here is insanely wealthy, perfectly dressed, and perfectly bronzed & waxed. It’s intimidating! Even if you don’t live in a city like LA, you might find yourself feeling like you should change aspects of yourself to fit more into your community. I was walking down the street with one of my friends and she made a comment about how she felt like everyone was looking at her because she wasn’t necessarily “dressed well” or driving a Range Rover. I’m always on my phone (it’s terrible) or never paying attention to anything, so I said back to her “are you kidding? do you really think people pay more attention to you than they pay attention to what they are doing?” And I’m kind of right. For the most part, people aren’t paying attention to what you’re doing because they care too much about what they are doing!

On the topic of loving yourself from within, a makeup brand I really adore is Decorte Cosmetics. Even though I don’t wear heavy makeup, I do use a few products to keep my skin in good shape. I use Skoah cleanser and moisturizer (not even sponsored, I just dig this line) every night and day, and when it comes to daily makeup, I use the Kate Moss & DECORTÉ kit. It’s got everything you need in it. The case is super convenient to carry around, so you don’t have to worry about losing any makeup if you’re always running around, like me! The kit has eye liner, brushes, and eye shadow, all of which I use on the daily. It’s up to you to decide how much you want to apply, so you can take your look from day to night if you’re in college or working during the day. The kit is available at Saks Fifth Avenue or on the Decorte Cosmetics websiteIt’s a great gift for a girlfriend, or a great gift for your daughter if she is just starting to wear makeup. Even better: this particular kit would be a fantastic item to gift your daughter or niece for a holiday and you can bond over teaching her your tips on how to apply makeup properly!

Remember: beauty comes from the inside, not the outside. It’s important to truly love yourself and not let makeup define you.




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