Influencer Intro: Deanna Gomez

17 April 2017

I don’t know why, but I’m from a super small town. Like the kind of town where you walk outside of your door and everyone knows everyone.

In high school, I used to spend my days skipping class or avoiding gym by coming up with some type of injury to get myself landed in the office.

So, I’m not sure how I never met Deanna. I had two best friends who were two years older than me, and even though I was kind of scared of them too, I definitely said hi to them in the hall.

I needed a makeup artist for a shoot last year, and someone referred me to Deanna. So I slid into her DM’s, and it’s been a true friendship since then. She’s the kinda girl who you only want to see succeed, you know? And how many people out there do you want to see succeed, vs. feel like you’re constantly competing with?

Enjoy reading her interview!

A: What’s it like being a makeup artist in 2017?

It’s a pretty competitive platform. Now a days you’ve really gotta find your thing that sets you apart from everyone else.

A: What sets you apart from the next top celeb makeup artist?

Besides my personality, I’d say the fact that I can do some special FX makeup also helps to set me apart. I don’t really post that many photos or videos with special FX but keep your eyes peeled this fall!

A: What advice would you give to other young entrepreneurs that are just getting started?

Just stick with it. I started doing YouTube videos freshman year of high school and didn’t really gain any traction until currently. BE CONSISTENT!!!! I can’t stress that enough. It’s something that even I am still working on. But there is a significant difference in the attention my channel gets when I post consistently. Just don’t let anyone’s mean comments deter you. There’s always gonna be someone who’s rude for no reason.

A: What is the hardest part of being in the business under 25?

Money. It takes money to make money and honestly being 21 and supporting myself it’s hard to justify spending money on makeup. And most of the money I make from doing photo shoots goes back into buying more makeup for more shoots/videos. Even though I love makeup I have to be able to say “okay I want this foundation but I also want groceries this week sooooo it’ll have to wait.”

A: What has been your greatest success so far?

I just recently started having a few small companies reach out to me which is super cool. It’s awesome knowing that people are liking what they see on my channel.

A: What is your ultimate goal?

I’d love to be able to do a collaboration with Tarte one day. They’re definitely my favorite makeup line and it would be so amazing to be able to create something with them.


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