What Do I Do During The Day!?

25 July 2018

The #1 (I swear, #1) question I’m always asked by you guys, and my parents (um, mom!?) is what I do during the day. Social media has created a culture where you may think you know someone, but you never really know them. You never know how much effort goes into that one picture, editing the lighting, filming a video, writing a blog post, having a 2-hour conference call…depending on what project I’m focusing on is what determines what I do during the day. However! I stick to a pretty strict routine regardless of where I am in the world because activities like meditating and exercising help keep me really sane.

When I’m in LA, my daily routine is usually waking up around 6 or 7 AM (I make a conscious effort to not follow a routine during the weekend) drinking a ton of water, going to the gym by 8, and then editing podcast episodes, blog post, pitching TV segments, filming video content, taking picture, phone calls with potential brands (I had a 3-hour lunch meeting with Headspace last week!) etc. When I’m traveling, like on Thursday when I fly to Houston for a TV segment, I’ll be meeting with my models, speaking at a school, getting my hair and makeup done, taking pictures…etc!

Yesterday was a hectic but exciting day. Enjoy my video below!



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