27 September 2018

Wearing all J.Crew & ASOS jewelry

Hair/makeup by Darling Nikki 

As I write this post I’m currently sitting in my bed and it’s 4 PM. I spent the morning working, going to the gym and sitting in a meeting and then at 2 PM I felt like I was about to have a panic attack and I decided to turn everything off. Cell phone, mind, laptop…I just needed a break. I realize that the more life gets in the way and the more hectic things become the less attention (we all) give to ourselves and our minds. I’ve been taking Sunday off of social media for over 4 months now, and it’s the one day of the week I have completely to myself. However this week I’ll be working all day Saturday and traveling Sunday morning (traveling feels like work to me unless I’m going somewhere fun!) so I felt like I needed to take the afternoon to myself to just relax. And breathe. And think.

Yesterday I went to a rooftop with my friend who is also my roommate and we were playing that game where you try and get the ball into the other persons court or something (not ping pong, the other game like ping pong) and she asked me to tell her my life story. So I did. I told her my story and then asked her about her life, and meaningful conversations like that one truly mean a lot to me. Everyone gets so caught up in their own lives, especially out here in LA, that people forget to ask other people how they are or how they got to where they are. So much gets overlooked because everyone is trying to do so much at once, and I get sad when I think about that. At the end of the day if you took out all of the “noise” like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and replaced every tweet or Instagram picture with a deep conversation or even a night by  fireplace with no cell phone, how would your perspective change?

When you think about doing something fearless this week, you could do something like Will Smith did and jump out of an airplane, or you could do something like take the afternoon to yourself in your bed. Maybe you need to call out of work tomorrow and take a mental health day. I don’t care! Do something for you. Small or big, that’ll make you happier and calmer.




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