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8 November 2019

This post is in partnership with BoriCap. I’ve been a fan of the brand and product for a very long time!

Over the years I’ve heard a constant complain from girl friends of mine. We’ve all been diagnosed with BV, which is just a (very common) situation down there that isn’t fun to deal with. It’s similar to a yeast infection. Actually, it’s the most common infection in women ages 15-44! Through my own personal search over the years, I’ve watched hundreds of videos and read one too many online threads to try and solve this common problem among my friends. It wasn’t until one doctor I saw in Connecticut (my old OBGYN) that I decided to try something new. He suggested I try boric acid. I’d never heard of it before 2 years ago but I was willing and ready to take anything! I came across BoriCap, which is the #1 rated brand and I decided to buy the product on Amazon to test it out myself.

No one is talking about BV, and the people who do online seem to be just as confused as the doctors. I’m not a fan of being on antibiotics for weeks which is all doctors care to prescribe, especially when it comes to BV or cysts. In my opinion, nothing ever works!

I’m not kidding when I say this product changed my life. It’s founded by two women who know way more about female anatomy than any of us and who aren’t just interested in a short-term resolution. When I purchased this product a few years ago I was using it daily because I was so scared BV would keep recurring but after over 1 year of using it I only use the pills sparingly now. Sometimes not even once a month (if that) and I feel completely cleared or if it recurs, I take one of the pills and it’s gone instantly.

I’ve heard that apple cider vinegar is another way to keep your pH in check which isn’t a remedy I’ve tried but keep meaning to. I happen to have a more acidic composition which is why my pH is always out of wack. Knowing where your body is pH wise is a great thing overall because it’ll help you in the future if you’re dealing with any female issues.

Never feel ashamed to talk about something you’re dealing with. Trust me, if you are, 1000s of people out there are too!



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