No Makeup on TV

27 April 2017

What’s it like to go on LIVE TV with no makeup? Um, seriously invigorating and awesome. I usually wear a pretty decent amount of makeup on TV, simply because it’s my job to look like I #JustWokeUpLikeThis (even though I totally don’t) so I was excited to switch it up for a change. I got contacted by CTV News in Canada in Monday to film a segment with them and ended up at the ABC studio in D.C. Before hand, I checked into my hotel right outside of D.C., and was actually halfway through a nutella trifle at Circa restaurant when I got the call!

I didn’t have time to get my hair and makeup done, which is why I had to wing it and do it totally on my own. I am so bad at any beauty, so I wasn’t prepared to put on a full face of makeup or do my hair. That’s when I had a thought: why would I wear makeup when I love myself without makeup on?

I’ve stated in the past how important it is to love yourself with makeup on or no makeup on. It’s always easier said than done, but having to wing it on Monday forced me to totally accept who I am.

Maybe you’re not going on TV like I do, but you can just as easily try a day without makeup. It might make you realize how stunning you are without any on, and how important it is to let your skin breathe (even if it’s only occasionally).

P.S. I’ll be on NBC Nightly tonight with LESTER HOLT!!! TUNE IN AT 6 PM!




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