Lands’ End & Alexa

23 March 2017

I love wearing affordable clothing on television. The cool thing about blogging is that you always get to show people a different side of things. I put the last picture into the mix to show that I don’t ever wake up looking like I do when I go on TV. The minute after a segment ends, I put on my regular clothes, take off my makeup, and go about my day. It’s rare that I spend more time than necessary looking all glammed up because that’s not the real, authentic version of myself. You have to be ready to always accept that once the makeup comes off, life goes back to normal.

The segment airs on April 4, and I got to showcase some lovely trends from NY & London Fashion Week straight from Lands’ End! I’m a huge fan of showcasing brands that I know teens would love, and since most people only know LE because of their parents, it’s time that teens start seeing that they can totally rock the line too. From great and affordable swimwear (with tons more sizes than a brand like Triangl) and professional dresses (like for your graduation or an internship) Lands’ End actually has something for everything.

I’m wearing an outfit by LC Lauren Conrad (OBSESSED with Lauren and her line) at Kohl’s, and my hair is by Blo West Hartford. I think this was by far one of my favorite looks to date, because it’s not too much. Sometimes I’m wearing super uncomfortable shoes and dresses, or tight skirts, and this was just me. I would’ve worn an outfit like this (minus the makeup and hair) to school when I was in high school.

That’s what life is about; being your authentic and true self as much as possible.




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