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23 September 2016

I love working from my home state. It’s so much more fun than working from a different city. Mainly because I can bring my mom on set with me. What’s more fun than that?!

I headed to New Haven, CT yesterday for a segment with CT Style that’s airing as we speak. I had three models that I presented looks on; and the theme was fitness to function. Since I’m a fitness fanatic as most of you know, I loved discussing outfits you can wear from the gym to dinner. As long as you shower (only if ya want ūüėČ you can definitely wear these looks from a cute tennis match or quick workout to a school activity or date night.

I got up at 5 AM to head to hair + makeup at The Hive in New Haven,¬†owned by young entrepreanur Jenna. I wasn’t aware of how young Jenna was, and I don’t think she knew my age either, so I had a blast chatting with her while she put together my hair and made me look quite glam. At early morning shoots, it’s hard to imagine what you’d look like when the bags under your eyes disappear, and she assisted so much with making me feel confident and ready for my appearance.

I wore a dress by Adrianna Papell  and shoes by Call it Spring and my models wore:

Pratik: a look from MSX by Michael Strahan at JCPenney

a Premier Protein protein shake with Crispy Green freeze dried fruit snacks. 

Model #2, Bridgett: 

A Kaya Di Koko dress, Poor Cat Designs jewelry, Dyna Pro Direct fitness equipment

Model #3: Deanna (who also did my makeup!) 

Charles Victor dress, a Premier Protein protein shake with Crispy Green freeze dried fruit snacks.

Thank you to my home state for having me back, and I hope you loved the segment! See the segment here.



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