How To Not Compare Yourself to Others

24 May 2017

I hate trends. I’ve talked about how I don’t follow trends multiple times on A Life in the Fashion Lane. Even though I’ve been going to fashion week since I was 14 (I can’t believe how long it’s been) I didn’t even follow trends when I was 14. I wore the most bizarre and often ugly clothing, and avoided trends. Why? Because I never wanted to look like anyone else. Even when I was attending school, I hated the idea of looking like everyone else because I just wanted to be my own person. I didn’t know who that person was until I was at least 17 (don’t worry! finding yourself is a long process!!) and it’s so easy to get swept up by the feeling that you should be like someone else, when you shouldn’t…you should just be you.

As I got older, and started working in my industry more, I realized how many people are trying to accomplish a similar end goal. When you work in the entertainment industry, you can never been too sure who is in it because they love their job or because they want money or fame. Yea, it makes finding genuine people really hard. But I adore the friends I grew up with, so I don’t mind floating through a sea of people, because I don’t really waste my time trying to figure out who is fake and who is real. There’s one thing I find myself doing as I continue to follow my dreams and meet people trying to do that, too: compare myself to them.

If you’re like me, you’re pretty motivated to reach that end goal. My end goal is creating a platform that every teen and parent can go to for everything from social media to mental health and even some fashion advice. Maybe you want to be a doctor or a musician, and you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to someone who has the same goal as that. I’m not going to deny I probably compare myself to people way too much. It’s so easy to get focused on someone who you think may be doing better than you, rather than focus on how amazing you are.

This post all comes down to a few words: love who you are. Don’t spend your time comparing yourself to someone else because you don’t know their story. Usually, the person you’re comparing yourself to is actually comparing what they’re doing to you, too. You’re doing just fine. Your body looks great, trust me. Your skin may not be how you want it to be, but if you’re a teen reading this: your skin gets better as you get older, trust me. Not happy with your grades? Spend 30 more minutes each week studying. Want to travel? Get a small side job that’ll gain you some extra bucks.

At the end of the day, everyone is doing their best. You’d be surprised at what the cheerleader or football player in your grade is dealing with behind closed doors. Thanks to the web, it’s rare you get to see what most people are going through when they turn their phone off. That’s why it comes down to being happy and content with yourself, and not anyone else.

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