The Trick to Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

4 December 2018

There’s something to be said about how hard it is to get out of your comfort zone. So many of us partake in opportunities and jobs that make us feel comfortable because being uncomfortable is a whole lot harder than being comfortable. When I landed the show with Radio Disney and moved out to LA, I really learned the definition of uncomfortable. Going into an office, tracking my hours, even going to events and trying to network with people I have never met became harder when I moved here. The reason I moved to LA from the beginning is because I knew I needed to get out of my comfort zone to progress with my personal life and business life. As an entrepreneur it’s crucial that you learn something new everyday- what you learn in your personal life deeply affects your business life.

Throughout Fearless Everyday and This is Life Unfiltered I say how you don’t have to do something totally nuts everyday to get out of your comfort zone. You can do anything from try a new sport to a new hiking trail to a new food. Not all of you young people have to move out at a young age and pursue a non-traditional career just because I did. You’ll start to learn something new about yourself with every new opportunity you partake in. One of the reasons I’ve become so comfortable with being uncomfortable is because I started realizing how little everyone else’s opinion means- when you’re in middle and high school you’re on this race to impress everyone and everything around you. Your parents, teachers and friends determine your self-worth for the time being. Then you get older and realize that you’re the person who determines your worth. If you’re waking up everyday unhappy, there’s no one to blame besides yourself.

Take your actions and life into account. Pursue projects that make you feel proud and fulfilled. If you find yourself steering away from your ultimate goal then get yourself back on track by doing a little bit of self exploration. “It is a process of dialogue between “what you are” and “what you really want to be” It is a process of self evolution through self investigation. Process of knowing oneself and through that understanding entire existence.” 

Realize you have NOTHING to lose. Before I moved to LA I told myself that if it didn’t work out and I didn’t feel fulfilled after living here that I didn’t have to stay. I know that I’m the person who determines my self-worth, not anyone or anything else.

Get back into the swing of things by spending some time engaging in things you used to do that you don’t anymore. I used to run all of the time when I lived on the East Coast but when I moved to LA I stopped running and started going to exercise classes. Then I realized how much I miss running and I’ve gone running a few times over the past few weeks. I already feel like I have a little piece of home in LA with me.

We’re all busy and life gets in the way of many things but you should never lose yourself in the process of finding yourself!


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