Coachella with Mazda

18 April 2018

What a crazyyyyy few weeks it’s been! I’ve been offline a bit and living more in the moment because I think that I needed to start living more in the moment and less through the lens of my camera, and I’m vibing with this way of thinking. I went to Coachella last weekend and had a few moments where I thought to myself, I’ve got this one life to live and live to the fullest, so that’s what I’m going to do! Stop overthinking and just live my life.

I’ve never been to Coachella before but wow, it was the craziest experience of my life. I didn’t go to the actual festival itself because I didn’t like the lineup and wasn’t about to spend the cost of my rent plus a few $100 extra on a festival I didn’t love the lineup for, so my friends and I decided to go and just go to the parties.

Side note: if you can’t entirely afford a weekend in Palm Springs (who can)  you could always consider online trading. Many big names in fashion like Zara, ASOS and Michael Kors are listed on the stock exchange. This means you could combine your love of style with trading on the shares of big labels to make a quick buck on the side.

Honestly, if you can get yourself onto the list of those parties, I don’t even know why you’d go to the festival. When I was 17 and living in NYC, I was obsessed with crazy moshpits and music festivals, but now I feel like I’m an old grandma who can barely stay up until 10 PM. I don’t know that I’d go to Coachella again (I didn’t find it to be totally my scene) but the experience was fascinating. It was especially interesting to see so many celebrities and “Instagrammers” in real life and realize how fake they all are on the Internet. And, most of them are on drugs. Which is kind of sad, because I know how many kids look up to these influencers they follow on Instagram.

Mazda hooked me up with this sick little convertible that I drove around in and it was a stick shift car- so it took me a few days to learn how to actually drive the car and not crash. I would never drive this car again because I wouldn’t want to risk my life, but this trip taught me that I’m a pretty quick learner. If you put your mind to anything, you can accomplish just about anything and everything!


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