My Week with Chevrolet

4 December 2018

Last week I was lucky to be given a car by Chevrolet to ride around the East Coast in for the week. I say ride around in because I really utilized my time with the Chevrolet Traverse- driving from Connecticut to PA to New Jersey, back to Connecticut…and stopping everywhere in between! I’m not a car person: if I wanted to buy a car I’d buy a Prius or a Mini Cooper. I think you’re either a car person or you’re not. Some people love car shows and expensive cars but I don’t mind either way. I do believe that if young adults can afford to they should drive cars that are on the safer side vs. cars that are older and more likely to break down. One of the reasons I never got a car when I lived at home was because my parents couldn’t afford to give me a car, and before I moved to LA I always lived in cities where having a car wasn’t necessary.

I respect and admire cars that have so many gadgets like the Chevrolet Traverse. When I get in fancy cars I feel like I’m back in high school taking a math test, but instead this is the kind of math test where you easily solve the problem. Like setting up WiFi and Bluetooth seem hard at the beginning but when you set them up you realize how much better driving becomes!

The reason I truly loved driving this car was because of it’s comfort level. My mom has a Nissan Sentra and if I could compare the two cars I’d compare the Nissan to a piece of wood and the Traverse to a fluffy pillow. All of my friends fit in the back of the car because the car has 8 seats altogether: it’s the perfect car for a family or person who travels often. Even when I was driving in it alone I didn’t feel like it was overpowering me: I felt comfortable and safe in this car. I could go on for a decade about the amount of nice additions this car is filled with, like Apple CarPlay, WiFi (yes, this car has WiFi) and heated seats with outlets next to every seat.

I was especially impressed with the reverse camera: when you’re backing out the camera is crystal clear, and you can also get a camera in front of the car and on top of the car for an aerial view if you’re looking for full security.

Overall the Chevrolet Traverse was a blast to drive. My friends and parents loved spending time in the car, and I honestly don’t think my mom would’ve come on the 8 hour trip back and forth from CT to NJ if she didn’t also think the car was comfy enough to take a nap in!

Thank you Chevrolet for arranging this and for selling a car that is a luxury car for half the price.


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