My Trip to Charleston

19 June 2018

Every year, my best friends and I take a trip down to Charleston, SC. We’ve been lucky to stay at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort every year, which is this heavily place on Kiawah Island off the coast of South Carolina. Though I don’t golf, it’s a resort that’s totally family-friendly and a fantastic little getaway in the middle of summer.

Last year, we spent a few days exploring downtown Charleston, but none of us really vibed with the city. I found Charleston itself to be a little boring for me: a bit of a mix between a city trying to be a city and a vacation city, with no beach and no pool. Instead of spending time downtown, we decided to spend the entire week on Kiawah Island. Rarely do I ever take vacations where I don’t do anything besides sit by the pool and read: but I needed a week off to relax this year! I woke up every morning, meditated with Headspace, sat by the pool…lived in the moment off of my cell phone, which is often easier said than done. I didn’t take pictures everyday, which I usually do when I’m traveling or in LA! I realized on this trip the value of being present and not having a picture of every cool situation: it almost inspires you more to do something with your life everyday, so that you don’t feel like you always have to take a picture to capture the moment. Fill everyday with amazing moments!

Kiawah hooked us up with 2 nights at one of the villas, and 3 nights at the hotel on property which is called The Sanctuary. Take note, this is not a place to travel to if you are on a tight budget. I would say this is the most expensive property I’ve ever stayed at. Worth it, but extremely expensive. If you are traveling with a group of people, it’d be a much more affordable trip than if you’re traveling with just one other person. I obviously got the rooms comped, so we didn’t pay for the hotel…but if I had the money to pay to stay there, I totally would.

You can golf, play tennis, eat, or lounge by the pool during the day. At night, the resort puts on tons of different events, which none of us went to because by the time 7 PM came around we were all too lazy to get off of the beach chairs. However, there is a lot more to do that we didn’t take advantage of!

I love biking, and we rented bikes to bike around the island on and visit the little town Kiawah has to offer. That’s where we got the tacos below, and the delicious ice cream every night at Ben & Jerrys! I’m such a fan of Southern hospitality, maybe because I’m from Connecticut…but you really notice the difference when you’re in a city where everyone is nice and happy compared to vice versa. Oh, and the biscuits and cornbread you’re served at every meal makes everyday a good day.

Where is your favorite city to travel to?




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