Fearless Everyday with Carson Kropfl

5 October 2018


This week I welcome LockerBoard founder Carson Kropfl to Fearless Everyday, my new show on mental health and social media airing on Radio Disney! Carson founded LockerBoard and has appeared on Shark Tank where he landed himself a major investment from none other Richard Branson!

Share how you’re fearless on social media with me using the hashtag #fearlesseveryday too! You may just make it into an upcoming episode! Fearless Everyday will air Fridays at 9 PM PST, Saturdays at 7 AM PST & Sundays at 5 PM PST!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions on how to listen and where to find Radio Disney. Here’s where to find Radio Disney:

Listen on the Radio Disney app on your phone/iPad/Kindle

Listen on iHeartRadio below/on their website


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