Visiting the M.I.N.T. Office in Holliston

5 December 2017

I splurged on the Club Monaco jacket (above) this weekend in Boston. I never seem to hit any black Friday or cyber Monday deals, and end up shopping on the most random and expensive days of the year. Occasionally, you have to treat yourself if you work hard! You only live one life: spend a few moments every day cherishing who you are, your body, and your mind.

Yesterday, I visited my business partner Steve in Holliston, MA at our office for M.I.N.T. When I left the office, I checked our inbox and saw that we were invited to speak at a Fusion Academy school in Palo Alto, CA. We spoke at Fusion in Houston back in October, and it was one of the most rewarding school talks we’ve had. I am working to arrange the nonprofit to be similar to Warby Parker & TOMS shoes: buy one get one free. If one private school could pay for us to come in, we’d be able to go to every public school for free. Each school is equally as important to target, which is why getting interest from both public + private schools shows that our plan is starting to work!

Being back in Boston, more so the East Coast, feels like a breath of fresh air. I completely understand why people don’t stay in California. Sure, Boston and New York are just as pretentious and intimidating, but my gosh, LA is so fake. I’ve never been to a city that is filled with so much wealth, so much plastic surgery, and so much sun. 7 days of week of sun, with no seasons, is bizarre! Everyday I wake up and feel like it’s summer in LA. People in Boston seem to be moving to California just to get away from the cold winters, but I’m almost enjoying the cold now that I’ve spent 3 straight months in direct sunlight.

If you could move to one city over the next year, where would you choose to go?

Tomorrow on This is Life Unfiltered, my podcast, is a good friend of mine Jenna Birch! She wrote a book called The Love Gap, and we spoke together at the Talkspace conference on social media and mental health last year. 




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