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5 October 2016

Does anyone else feel like their world revolves around coffee? From the minute I wakeup, to the 4 PM slump we all get, all I ever crave is coffee. I bought some pumpkin coffee cups, and I put maple syrup and cinnamon in them to make my own little pumpkin latte. Along with chunky sweaters and combat boots, it’s all I want!

I went to Providence yesterday to meet my friend and hang out for the day. Providence is such a cool city. We wandered around, took pictures, and ate at my favorite coffee shop, Seven Stars Bakery. I’ve been wearing this thrifted camo jacket I bought ever since I found it a few weeks ago at a store in Boston. I’m not a huge fan of camo, but since the trend has recently come back around, I’m trying this one out. I almost felt like the world was speaking to me by offering a jacket this cool for $20. I couldn’t resist buying it!

I’m gearing up for the Women Empower Expo next week in Florida on my 19th birthday, have you bought tickets yet!? They’re super cheap, so get them while they’re at this price!

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