By Chloe x Me

8 March 2017

If you didn’t think the world could become any more Instagrammable, you were wrong. By Chloe has finally opened in Boston! I took my friend Jenna yesterday to their new Seaport location (right on the water) to see what the hype is all about. I totally ate a gluten-free cupcake, guac burger, kale salad, green juice, and Boston cream pie for lunch. No regrets, either.

One a scale of best to our least favorite;

1. Guac burger with sweet potato fries

2. Regular raspberry cupcake

3. Massive cookie

4. Green juice

5. Mac & cheese

6. Kale salad

It’s crazy how they manage to make just about everything gluten-free and vegan, too! Since I literally adore food, I had to try everything on the menu. Most *normal* people would probably be fine ordering just a burger or a salad, but go big or go home is my motto. Pro tip: slather peanut butter over the raspberry cupcake and thank me later 😉

In other news, we have welcomed a new member to the M.I.N.T. team! Libby is a Boston blogger and social worker, and she’ll be a lovely addition to our team. We are currently looking for funding ideas and ways to grow our platform, so read our blog here to find out more ways to be a part.  

I’m heading to Los Angeles right now for the Kids’ Choice Awards, so make sure to tune in LIVE on all of my platforms below to get BTS access on Saturday!




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