EPISODE 36: Burnout, Depression & Anxiety

8 August 2018

Episode 36 is a solid one. If you’re tuning into this blog post from my KTLA segment this morning, hi there! If you’re a This is Life Unfiltered regular (you totally are, righttt) then you’ll likely feel like you can relate to this episode. Depression & anxiety are one thing: but burn out is another, and it’s not the easiest feeling to recover from unless you’re truly willing to take a step back. I have a very hard time taking time off, and because of that, I have weeks like this week in particular where I feel like my head may just spin off. But I’m used to feeling overwhelmed, and there are some things that I do to help myself get my head back in the game when I feel overwhelmed. I dive into my strategy for staying mentally and physically happy and healthy, and hopefully the tips will give you some support if you’re feeling burnt out too.

As alone as you may feel sometimes, know that you are never alone. You’d be surprised at how many millennials experience burn out before age 30: what can we do as a society to fix that statistic?

Enjoy Episode 36, and let me know your thoughts via Instagram & by writing a review on the app store of TILU! #livelifeunfiltered


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