Build The Perfect Resume with Jonathan Xavier

9 September 2021

Join Jonathan Xavier, founder of Wonsulting, a company geared towards helping individuals from non-traditional backgrounds land their dream jobs, and myself on Instagram Live tonight at 5 PM CST/ 6 PM EST to discuss landing your dream job and drafting the perfect resume! 

I’m still a big fan of a media kit vs. a resume, but why not have both? Search “media kit” on the homepage of Life Unfiltered for my tips on creating a media kit you can send to future employers instead of a resume.

Creating or re-doing your resume? We’ve rounded up our favorite tips to help your resume stand out:

1. Keep it brief: A long resume usually gets skimmed through and pushed to the side. You want to explain things efficiently but keep it short and sweet. If something doesn’t need to be expanded upon, leave it out.

2. Choose a readable font. Fancy resumes can be trendy, but make sure the font is legible. You can always showcase your creativity with the colors or layout, but keeping the font simple is best.

3. Use Keywords. Using keywords that are related to the job you are applying for is a great idea. This will make you stand out as a candidate! Although you may need to adjust them when applying to certain jobs, the minor tweaks will make a big difference.

4. Call attention to important achievements. Make sure to list any achievements that stand out on your resume. This could be winning an award, holding a position in a club or philanthropy event, or anything else that shows your involvement.

5. Use a professional email address. If you’ve already graduated college, you should set up a Gmail account with your first and last name. Hiring managers don’t want to see your AIM handle from when you were younger. Keep it clean and professional!

Ask your questions to Jonathan and I on Instagram between now and 5 PM and we’ll answer as many as possible!


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