24 Hours, 2 Talks

7 February 2017

Calvin Klein via Nordstrom Rack skirt, Louis Vuitton scarf, J.Crew flats

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted on here. I haven’t been super inspired by anything lately! Besides my Meetup in Boston last week, everything I’ve been doing has been more stressful than inspiring. Running a nonprofit is not easy, let me tell you that! Some incredible ladies showed up last week (pictured above) so thank you all so so much for coming! I can’t wait to host my Meetup next month in Boston, NYC and San Francisco!!!

Whenever you’re not feeling super inspired, or even good about yourself, realize that each day is a new chance to accept who you are. I woke up this morning and my face broke out everywhere. That’s life, right? You can’t be 100%, or even 90% all of the time.

I’m in Brooklyn, NY today for two M.I.N.T talks before I leave for Europe tomorrow! Stockholm, Prague, Berlin, Zurich and London, I’m coming for you. I’ve been slightly stressed about leaving for two weeks when I have so much work for my nonprofit to be completed, but the older you get, the more busy you get, and I’ve heard that in reality, I probably won’t be able to just pick up and travel around the globe like I can now five years from now. I probably will travel spontaneously my entire life, but a lot of people can’t. The cool part of life is being spontaneous, and if you find cheap tickets to travel, take every single opportunity you can to explore the world.

Cassell is one of my good friends, pictured above, and I asked him to guest speak at this talk with us because he brings a new level of expertise to our panel. He’s a photographer, born and raised in Brooklyn, and since he’s in the same industry, he knows all about models and what they endure. Anyone who was born before 2014 knows the impact the internet has on the mind, and I’ll never say no to having someone join our talk! If you are a person who knows a lot about the internet, social media and teens (by a lot, I mean A LOT) please email me. I’d love to hear from you and get you to join in on M.I.N.T.

The Roger in Midtown let me stay at their beautiful hotel last night, and it was the perfect stay before I head to Europe. Their breakfast in the morning is phenomenal, and their evening wine hour (for those over 21) is free + a cute addition!

See you guys in Europe!

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