Encouraging Body Positivity in Houston

30 July 2018

Okkkk so every time I go on TV my face gets REALLY red.  The minute I talk to anyone, I instantly start blushing and turning the color of a tomato and it’s honestly frustrating because for once in my life I’d love to be able to have a conversation without blushing. But, learn to always love and accept yourself rightttt. RIGHTTT.

I was in Houston for about 48 hours to speak at a girls camp called Chicks with Class, and for a morning show segment on HoustonLife last week. After landing around 7 PM, I went straight to the mall to get an outfit (the one I’m wearing I tried on 5 minutes before going on-air) and straight to my hotel to check-in. I always stay at the Royal Sonesta next to the Galleria, because everyone is so nice, they give me free water (most hotels don’t nowadays, btw) and lots of cool celebs stay there. Like G-Eazy and a rapper who I met on Saturday. Obviously, I have important priorities when I travel somewhere.

So I went from the airport to my hotel to a camp talk to a TV segment (that aired today!) with Lane Bryant, wearing this fun J.Crew outfit. I don’t love any of these pictures but Houston was 7,000 degrees and I felt like I was melting, and didn’t have time to wash my hair, so made that part of my #fearlessfridays last week.

See, you really can be fearless when you’re not even trying to be. Being fearless applies in every aspect of your life- never second guess yourself!

Watch the segment below- all of my models wore Lane Bryant, which is one of my favorite brands because they truly embrace all sizes. I’ve worked with Lane Bryant on a ton of different TV segments, and it’s incredibly refreshing to work with a brand that embraces all body types! Whenever I see a brand that isn’t promoting all body types, I shake my head. It’s 2018 people: get with it!

Have a great rest of your week!



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