Promoting Healthy Body Image Between Moms & Daughters

10 May 2018

This post is a paid partnership with Danbury Fair Mall in honor of S.L.A.Y. on May 19th! 

Wearing all Macy’s via Danbury Fair Mall 

A few years ago, TODAY interviewed me (separate from the interview below) on healthy body image between moms & daughters. I have always had a lot to say on the topic, because growing up, I had a very negative experience dealing with my mom about body image. I have girl friends who have told me some absolutely horrific stories about how their moms have educated them on their bodies: from not educating them at all (who is that helping!) to telling them they are fat, to standing in front of the mirror putting their own body down in front of their teen. Young people are so incredibly vulnerable and impressionable: anything you say or their friends say will and can negatively affect them. We’ve all got a little bit of “baby fat” or love handles: I totally do, and I totally don’t care, either. I do wish my mom had been more positive about my body when I was younger, because I likely wouldn’t have had to deal with as many of the issues that I dealt with.

On May 19th, I’ll be at Danbury Fair Mall in Connecticut to lead a panel of professionals on the topic of body image & shopping between mothers and daughters: this topic is so close to my heart, and really means a lot to me because of my experience dealing with this heavy topic. Unfortunately, most parents aren’t educated on the topic of body image, and therefore, so many young adults suffer and have to learn on their own. The next time you see your daughter or son, don’t forget to remind them they are beautiful  just the way they are.

I think a great way to create a better example is to openly support brands that promote a positive body image. True and Co. for example is one of my favorite companies because of their emphasis on how beautiful every body is no matter the shape, size, or color. Their bras are made to make every woman feel beautiful and to me, that is the most important message moms can send to their daughters. No matter what body type you have, it is perfect and you deserve to know it.



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