Episode 31: Bobby Hobert of Purpose in the Youth

5 July 2018

I took the majority of this week off, so that explains why I’ve been MIA! I hope you had an incredible 4th of July, even though the state of the country isn’t anything close to what it should be… you have to hope that issues will be resolved sooner than later. Also,WTF did Melania Trump’s jacket actually mean? I think everyone in the White House is nuts, and I really miss Obama. And their dog. But I won’t bring politics into my blog!

Over 1 year ago, Bobby Hobert  emailed me and asked if I’d be open to an interview on his podcast. At this time, I was living in Boston and he was living in Allston, I think either just finishing up college or having already graduated. He runs the podcast “Purpose in the Youth” and he’s interviewed some huge names, like Drama, since he started. We’re both from small towns in MA & CT, so when he asked, I was really intrigued. Podcasts weren’t really popular back then, so I had no clue what I was getting myself into…but we filmed this awesome interview, and he really inspired me to move to LA. Bobby moved out to LA last year, and I moved out around a month after he did…but we didn’t end up seeing each other again until I asked him to appear on This is Life Unfiltered for episode 31! We talked for hours about what’s changed in the past year, and how crazy the transition to LA has been for both of us, hailing from small towns on the East Coast.

Plus, he has some fantastic advice for those of you looking to start podcasts. Listen to Episode 31 below and on iTunes and my app on the app store! #livelifeunfiltered


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