What Exactly Does a Blogger Get in the Mail?

27 November 2017

I get a lottttttt of packages! When I was younger and first moved to New York City, I remember spending hours lugging packages up from downstairs to my apartment. At that time, I think I was only 17, and that was just the beginning of my blogging career! I used to wish I didn’t receive as many packages as I did because throwing so many boxes out every day is a hassle! Now, I’m so blessed I followed my dreams because I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t kept pushing for my dreams…

On the topic of dreams, have you listened to This is Life Unfiltered, Episode 6? If you’re wondering what you can do to follow your dreams today, it might be helpful to listen to this very honest episode above!

On a good week, I’ll get about 2 packages. On other weeks, I can get upwards of 7. I do get quite a workout every time I bring the boxes out to be recycled, which makes for a lovely midday workout.

Happy Monday!




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