Blue in Beverly Hills

9 February 2018

ASOS dress

I dragged my assistant to the Beverly Hills Hotel for tiramisu 2 days ago. This is the most outrageously overpriced ball of heaven you’ll ever eat, but it’s the only food I’d eat if I had one meal left. I was also craving that cake, and I figured I could call it a business expense by bringing her along and taking pictures. Being an entrepreanur has some perks…

This week has got me thinking a lot about the future. I had a moment yesterday where I realized I’ll be 30 years old in less than 10 years- that’s scary to think about! Do you ever have moments where you stop and think about the direction your life is heading in, and either question that direction or feel nervous for it? Feelings of both are absolutely normal and if there is one thing I’ve learnt through my time in therapy, it’s to only live in the moment. I have a lot of anxiety on a daily basis, and trying to use my moments wisely and surrounded by healthy and happy people have impacted my anxiety. When I say live in the moment, I truly mean take every moment in. You’re going to look back at your life one day and regret looking so deeply into the future if you didn’t focus as much as you could on the present. If you want to drive 30 minutes for a donut, do it! If you want to take the rest of the night off from studying, do it! What’s the point of thinking about 1 year from now instead of thinking about 1 hour from now? All you have is now.




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