Beauty Can Change Things…

15 November 2016

AG Jeans, J.Crew vest, Banana Republic sweater

I posted this picture I saw last week on Instagram a few days ago, and someone replied and said that beauty doesn’t change things. Like WTF? Who would say beauty can’t change things?! That’s such a negative perspective to have on life. Come on people, be happier.

What people never seem to realize is that what you look like on the outside doesn’t always resemble what’s on the inside. You might not think you’re the “most attractive” (whatever that means) girl in your class, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to do worse than the hot cheerleader. Actually, you’ll probably do a lot f****** better than her. Brains over beauty. ALWAYS.

I rarely speak about politics, because to be completely honest, I don’t follow politics that much. I should, but life gets in the way. When I saw a celebrity was running to be president, I lost all of my interest in the campaign. And then he won…and now I’m like holy shit. I’m absolutely with her, but for someone who didn’t pay much attention to the campaign, I’m slightly shocked and disgusted Trump won.

One of my friends called me last night and wanted some ideas from my end on what I thought about the campaign. He didn’t disclose to any of us that he was actually working on the Trump campaign for a while, until Trump won. I was a little shocked, but after speaking to him, he told me something that I expected. Most of what Trump said is an act, and was for publicity. I’m a feminist, a firm believer in Planned Parenthood, and a firm believer in paying your taxes, All things Trump doesn’t align with…

I won’t bore you with more politics talk, but, I will be talking more about the election this week in the Fashion Lane newsletter. Subscribe above to see my thoughts on who won, and what we can do to change the world even more.

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