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18 October 2016

This past weekend, part of the Fashion Lane team headed to SELF Magazine’s UpNOut event, hosted at Spring Studios in Manhattan. I was in Miami for Women Empower Expo, but I didn’t want to risk missing out on such a fun and inspirational event, so I just had to send one of my writers to attend and cover!

 The event was a two-day long fitness experience that combines the top fitness classes from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Vancouver and London with superstar trainers, treats, style, and more. A range of media + bloggers showed up to get their sweat on in the heart of the city.

My writer got to choose from over twenty fitness classes, but she decided on 305 Fitness. I’ve actually been partnering with the 305 location in Boston, so having her attend the rad dance class in NYC made for a cool contrast. It’s one of my favorite new workouts!

“305 Fitness is a dance cardio workout based in New York City with other studios in DC and Boston. Each class combines high-intensity rhythmic cardio, sports drills (like sprint intervals) and sculpting.  During the 55-minute class, a live DJ bumps the latest club tracks and keeps the lights low.”

Whether you’re in NYC, or Boston, 305 Fitness gets your heart racing, your legs fired up, and your mind free of stress and pumping with adrenaline.

Batiste was one of the sponsors offering a hairstyle lounge where attendees could get braids/other styles before or after a workout. What I love most about the line is that the products are perfect when you’re in a time crunch, like most of us always are following a morning or evening workout. My writer got her hair done and freshened up with their incredible line of dry shampoo. I actually adore the light blonde product from  Batiste, because it matches my hair color yet doesn’t look unnatural when applied to my scalp.

She left the studio with a selection of goodies from Yogi Tea, Suave Professionals, Nature’s Bakery and Vega. I wish I could’ve been there, but I feel like I basically was once I went to a 305 Fitness class last night AND looked through these pictures all weekend!

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