30 September 2016

Forever 21 top, Yummie by HT denim, Bucketfeet sneakers, Banana Republic jacket

The thing about my life is that I frequently forget my age. Because I started traveling alone at such a young age, I missed out on most of the stuff my friends were doing while I was working. One of the things I never did was get a license. I knew I always wanted to live in a city, but I’m home often enough that I still should have access to some type of vehicle. I failed my license test last year, and last week, I finally got the guts to retake the license test before my shoot in New Haven.

Tests legit make me shake. I was shaking the entire way from the door of the DMV to the door of the car. The poor instructor was probably thinking, WTF is wrong with this chick. Maybe that’s why he passed me? Any who, I can cross crying in the parking lot of the DMV off of my bucket list.

I spoke at Hartford Public High School, British International School of Boston and Kinsella this week in Connecticut and Boston, which was thrilling and exhausting. MINT is the closest thing to my heart right now, but you don’t realize how much you don’t ever want to talk again after speaking a straight two hours in a row. Man, that was tough!

See you next week, Connecticut for more schools!

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