You May Feel Lost

16 August 2019

It’s totally normal to be scared of the unknown. You may be struggling with landing your dream job, frustrated you’re not excelling as fast as you want to, or simply confused about what your purpose is. I have one piece of advice for you to overcome those fears and take the leap- whatever your leap may be! I’m answering some of your most common questions in the video I put out today. Finding your purpose is easier said than done, but I know many of you are so eager to rise so quickly but don’t think about how important those tiny steps in the middle actually are. 

When I was 17 I moved to NY with 9 suitcases, not even $100 & no approval from my parents’… I gave myself 30 days to be able to pay the rent for an apartment in Bedstuy Brooklyn. On day 30 after spending every day at a beauty supply store taking pictures of brand after brand to try and land an Instagram takeover, I got one reply. I managed to make $1,500 that went towards my rent and I only had 700 followers. The point is, whatever journey you decide to embark on (working a 9-5 or running your own company) you never can be prepared for what’s next. I truly think you have to always live in the moment and be looking forward to bigger things. Even if you’re comfortable, what’s holding you back from getting a little uncomfortable and thinking about what you could do in the future that’s different from what you’re doing now?

We’re in this journey together and I’m ALWAYS here to help!


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