#WCW: Ava DuVernay

31 July 2019

#WCW Meet Ava DuVernay, producer & my personal inspiration. If you’re not familiar with Ava, maybe you’re familiar with the hit Netflix series “When They See Us”. The show is the first show to truly showcase wrongful convictions in the proper light, a topic very important to be to bring attention to.

The reason I think Ava deserves as much attention as possible is because she chooses to produce content based on topics that aren’t talked enough about, whether that be race or wrongful convictions, Ava is the first producer to have no shame in starting the conversation. Hollywood is a tough place to thrive in, and Ava does just that with so much confidence. She is the perfect balance of opinionated and elegant, which is another hard middle ground to be successful at achieving.

Ava’s production company is called Array Now, which is a grassroots production company that focuses on highlighting women and people of color. While continuing to win awards every year in film, Ava is proving that the sky is the limit.

 Bravo Ava, and thanks for continuing to inspire countless amounts of people. How many of you have watched her new Netflix documentary, based on the terribly sad story of the Central Park Five? I’ve never watched a show produced as well as that one.


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