8 December 2016

BCBGeneration via Charlotte’s Closet dress, Novesta sneakers

I already miss Austin. I would move to that city if it was on the East Coast in a heartbeat.

There are so many neat and trendy places to go to. I featured a bunch in my YouTube video below, but some of my favorites are;



La Condesa

Radio Coffee

If you’ve been to Austin and haven’t been to any of the above, it’s time you do. My boyfriend and I ended up running through the rain the majority of the time (I can’t believe it rained the only three days I was in Texas!) so we are slightly biased towards what to do in the rain, but you could spend hours at all of these hotspots regardless of the weather…

Besides eating, I definitely suggest checking out the Austin murals; the amount of art scattered around the city is captivating. Every picture means something (positive and negative artwork) and a few of the murals spoke to me. Like the one above, that I found after brunch one day.

I do not accept mediocrity.

Maybe you’re an entrepreanur, or just a person trying to make waves in the world, and you need a bit of advice. I constantly seek advice from people around me, because everyone knows something that you just don’t know. That doesn’t mean you aren’t smart; that means that we are all actively learning each day. Actively learning means actively accepting; don’t worry about being perfect. Don’t worry about reaching a new level everyday instead of trying to expand on the level you’re already at.

Love yourself. Accept who you are. Get ready to grow in your mind and your power, if you haven’t started already. Meet people. Network. Make business cards, even if you don’t have a business. You never know who you are going to meet.

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