Apple Boston Recap

12 January 2017

BCBGeneration via Charlotte’s Closet dress, J.Crew flats

Blo South End hair + makeup (thank you Christina!!!) 

Video/photography by Akwasi; new YouTube video up on MONDAY

Yesterday was a pretty crazy day! If you happened to stop by my event with Apple Boylston, thank you so much for coming. I was delighted to meet some lovely (mainly women, but a cool guys) folks who had tons of questions about iPhone photography. There are so many tips and tricks to putting together sweet pics with your iPhone. Here are my top 2:

1. Know your iPhone

– If you just transitioned to an iPhone from an Android, the adjustment may take a bit of time. But, if you have a few hours of free time, I highly suggest sitting down with your phone and experimenting. Play around with the LIVE and HDR options so you can see the difference between both setting.

2. Download apps like FaceTune, VSCO and Afterlight

– I suggest buying the app vs. using the free version because the free version usually lacks major features. Know what the contrast, saturation, brightness and clarity do. VSCO has less filters, and Afterlight has the most.

Style wise; I wanted to keep my outfit pretty simple. When I’m speaking at a conference or at a school, I always end up in black. There’s something about the simplicity of a LBD or a pair of black flat that allows you to showcase your personality more than your look. When you’re presenting something, I prefer to put all of the attention onto the presentation vs. on your outfit. People get confused if you’re wearing florals and showcasing lots of colors on a slideshow!

I’m in NYC for the day to tour a school I’m speaking at in Brooklyn, and to film a sweet segment for a show later today. Can’t wait for y’all to see!


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