Angela from BINGE

27 March 2017

When I was in Cali earlier this month, I met up with Angela Gulner of the YouTube series, BINGE. If you’ve never heard of BINGE, open a new tab and go watch it now. 

Ok, hi again. I was surfing through the web last year and ended up watching the show and falling in love with the concept and characters. Angela is one of the coolest chicks around. I met up with her at a bakery in West Hollywood to talk about the series, her life, and the next steps to making her series into a TV show.

One of the reasons I admire Angela is because she has no shame in bringing awareness to a topic that many people don’t want to openly talk about. Eating disorders are rampant, in both girls and boys, and steering away from the discussion means more teens are dealing with them and having nowhere to turn. I never battled with bulimia, but from what I can tell, Angela deciphers the disease so clearly in the video. If you scroll through her channel, you’ll see Drake Bell (of Drake & Josh) in her latest episode, too!





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