Fearless Everyday with Alina Morse

11 January 2019

with Alina Morse

TONIGHT ON FEARLESS EVERYDAY: the sweet ZolliCandy founder Alina Morse. A little background on Alina:
“When Alina Morse was seven years old, she went to the bank with her dad and the teller offered her a lollipop. While she really wanted to accept, her parents always told her that candy was terrible for her teeth. So she asked her dad, “Why can’t we make a lollipop that’s actually good for your teeth?” And in that moment the idea for Zollipops® was born! Together, Alina and her dad set off to make delicious lollipop treats that were actually good for teeth. In 2014, the first Zollipops treat hit the shelves: a vegan, organic, smart and yummy candy. Alina became known as the “Lollipop Girl,” a true Kidpreneur!”
Listen to this young entrepreneur share her story at 9 PM PST/ 12 AM ET on Radio Disney SiriusXM iHeartRadio tonight! #fearlesseveryday


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