Alexa’s Morning Protein Smoothie with Cuisinart

12 July 2019

This is part of a collaboration with Cuisinart.

When I moved to LA I started making protein smoothies way more often than I did in other cities. When I lived in Boston I used to go to the gym in the morning and then proceed to actually make breakfast (I love egg whites and avocado on corn tortillas!) but there’s something about living in LA that makes me feel like time is always running out. I’ve proceeded to save some time by making my morning smoothie the evening before. Right after I eat dinner, I’ll take my Cuisinart blender (this one to be exact) out of the cupboard and put the ingredients above in it to blend the perfect smoothie. The neat thing about this blender that sets it apart from Nutribullet is that the set comes with multiple containers, and each are different sizes. If you want to make a small smoothie, you can make that using the smaller container. I like to use the larger one for my protein smoothie since it obviously fits more ingredients, but I haven’t had time to use any of the smaller containers yet. I also enjoy using the different lids for different reasons. In the morning I’ll change the lid of the smoothie on the way to the gym so that I can sip it directly from the container, which is super efficient!

In terms of the space and sizing, this blender is super tall and not wide, so you can fit it on top of your fridge or in a small cupboard without taking up too much space. I’ve listed more facts about this blender below:

Use the blender to chop up flaxseed

You can blend, chop and travel with all of the containers

Stainless steel means it’s safe and practical for all ages

The high, low and pulse mode makes the blender easy to use and chic

What do you have for your morning breakfast? Let me know in the comments below!


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