Alexa’s Travel Hacks

14 June 2019

Traveling the world can be fun but it can also be exhausting. Since I travel so often I invest more money in flying on nicer airlines or at better times of the day (12 PM vs. 5 AM) so that my mental health stays intact even though I have to work and travel at the same time. There’s nothing worse than rushing to the airport and then having to stand in line for hours, but I only say this now because my career has progressed drastically since I first started! Even though I enjoy spending a little more money on travel now, that doesn’t mean I am flying first class or doing anything completely out of the ordinary to make my travel experience more enjoyable. Traveling starts before you even leave the house, like with packing and getting your itinerary all set.

I like to consider myself a travel pro in the area of packing and getting s*** done real quick- like packing for multiple weeks in ten minutes quick. I’ve put together a bunch of my hacks in this video above, from always packing a cloth bag with me (so that I can bring more through the TSA line without being told I have too many bags) to where I put the largest items in my suitcase to make sure I have enough space. You can head to my YouTube to watch my other travel videos like how I travel the world for $400 + more!



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