#FearlessFridays Learning How To Pole Dance

28 February 2020


#FearlessFridays Growing up, I never talked with my parents about sex or relationships… not even makeup! I love my mom and dad, but they didn’t approach “uncomfortable” topics in the way that I’ve seen other parents do. I think one of the reasons I grew up so fast was because when I turned 17 and moved out, I was completely on my own to learn, which inspired me to make my own mistakes AND talk about them!
Social media has created a place for young men and women where they can’t show too much skin without being called a slut, and if they cover up too much, they’re told they look like a nun.
I’m 5’10 and if I wear denim shorts with heels, I get told I look like a slut because I should wear longer shorts and just reduce the size of my legs or something! Why isn’t it socially acceptable to be sexually confident?
In an attempt to teach myself and hopefully all of you to loosen up and care even less about what people think, I enlisted Secret Pole Dance Studio to teach me how to pole dance. I love my body and my mind, and I want this slightly hilarious video of me being awkward to inspire you to get out of your comfort zone today, tomorrow and next year. #FearlessEveryday #LiveLifeUnfiltered


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