3 Ways To Calm Your Anxiety During COVID-19

12 March 2020


anxiety during covid-19

The world is an a total state of panic right now, myself included. Though I usually try and avoid reading the news along with spending too much time on social media during times like this, it’s hard to avoid talking about an unfortunate epidemic OR avoid hearing someone else talk about it. Everywhere I turn, someone is either freaking out or about to freak out!

Let me remind you, this will pass. The world is in a scary place right now but this virus will be controlled in a matter of time. Until then, we just have to hold on.

Anxiety levels are insanely high right now for everyone, so here are three ways to cope with your anxiety and stress for the time being.


I can’t preach this enough. Going on Instagram and Twitter, even CNN, only will give you more anxiety. If your school is requiring you to take classes at home or your job is requiring you to work from home, do that. Delete Instagram and Twitter for the time being (I find these to be the worst apps to look at during times when the world is in distress) and instead go buy or order a book, some of your favorite magazines, and even a pint of ice cream. Are you truly feeling better after scrolling through Instagram right now? Think of that when you anxiety comes in extra heavy after being on social media.

2. Use Headspace or Calm

I’ve been a Headspace fan for a while. It’s the app that’s helping many deal with stress (myself included!) Calm is free and Headspace gives you a few weeks free to test out the app- try it! The minute you feel like you’re stressing out, take 10 minutes (we all can spare 10 minutes) to meditate in a quiet space. I like a guided meditation from Headspace because I’m not good at focusing on meditating on my own, but you may find you’re the opposite and enjoy a meditation that’s not guided. The app Calm can help you find something that’s more of an open meditation if that’s what you’re into.

3. Start journaling

Journaling is a perfect stress outlet. Write down what’s making you anxious in a hard notebook (I like writing in a journal more than the notepad on my phone) and also write down what the worst outcome is with your fear. This will help you put things into perspective during this time.  It’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed and anxious about getting coronavirus or passing it along to someone, but this is out of your control. Just write, breathe, and meditate.

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