Why I Speak To A Therapist

12 September 2017

I spent the past few days in NYC not going to fashion shows, and it was the most relaxing time ever. Immediately when I landed in NYC next week, I instantly felt intimidated and stressed out about being in the city during such a crazy time. If you’ve never been to Fashion Week, it’s a total zoo. People are going crazy everywhere, photographers are tripping over people to get the perfect shot, and it’s just not an authentic environment. I wrote a post a few weeks ago on why I wasn’t going to go to NYFW anymore, and then I won a really cool giveaway (2 free hotel nights) so I had to fly into Manhattan early. I ended up missing the Sachin and Babi show because I don’t seem to be able to manage my schedule well, but got to catch up with friends and attend my Aerie event instead!

Yesterday on Instagram, I posted a picture about talking to my therapist and feeling better about everything. There is such a terrible stigma surrounding mental health, and I want people to know that it’s OKAY to get support from someone you don’t know. It doesn’t mean you are crazy, or going insane: it simply means you’re strong enough to ask for help or talk to someone. There are weeks when I don’t talk to my therapist about anything important, and there are other weeks where I feel so overwhelmed and stressed that I need a solid 40 minutes to talk about myself. Who cares!?

We are working on putting a tab of resources together for all forms of therapy on the Media Impact and Navigation for Teens site: stay tuned! I’m off to London tomorrow with British Airways! 




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