#FearlessFridays I Took the Plunge to Act

6 September 2019

Being in the entertainment industry is so funny. You meet people who started YouTube channels and eventually got cast in a major movie, and you meet people who sang their entire life and are now popping up in every TV show. People certainly wear many hats in this industry.

 I always wanted to be an actress when I was growing up. I remember making a resume for my acting career called “Alexa Curtis Is Going To Be Famous” and it was the silliest resume listing all of the plays and commercials I had ever been in. I loved acting and wanted to be involved in more in my middle school but the options were limited, especially since I wasn’t in a city like Manhattan. Everything seemed more geared towards singing and I couldn’t convince my parents to move to NY so I could apply to a school like LaGuardia Arts. I applied for scholarships across the globe to get accepted to acting camps so I could pursue acting there, but unfortunately many camps are quite expensive and never offered travel even if they gave you a scholarship.

I attended Atlantic Acting School in NY for a few summers in a row (I always got scholarships) and it was the place that I realized I loved to act. I landed a big role in The Crucible which is a pretty intense play to act in for someone my age (at the time I was under 16) but I fell in love with the craft. From Atlantic I went on to attend Stagedoor Manor where my mom was the nurse so I could attend for free, and that camp was where I made some of my closest friends. I went to Stagedoor with tons of kids’ of celebrities and people who had been cast in the biggest network shows and movies. It was a surreal experience. Though they focused heavily on music and less on acting, so I only went one season.

As I’ve ventured more into being on-screen and pursuing that side of my company, I’ve been realizing how a lot of what I do is act. I’m memorizing lines for interviews, I’m coming up with ideas for videos or I was when I was producing Fearless Everyday and I’m also going on TV with certain lines I have to say. So I took the leap this week and signed up for a prestigious acting course in LA that my manager suggested I take. I’m nervous but excited. I had an incredible year being on radio, but I never really expected myself to stay on radio for longer than 1-2 years. I thrive when I’m in front of the camera and that’s where I feel most comfortable, which I knew when I first was offered my first big show. You have to view everything you say yes to as a stepping stone to your long-term goal and that’s what I’m doing!



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