3 Smart Methods For Planning A First Business Trip

14 August 2023

A business trip is much different from a conventional vacation for several reasons, most obviously because you’re there to work, and not to play. That said, it’s always nice to travel on the company dime because you can expense certain costs and it certainly makes a change from sitting in the office all week.

It might be that you’re now in the position where you’re able to plan out a business trip yourself, be that in a management role within the company, or because you’re at the helm of your own business and have the chance to curate this trip from scratch. Sure you have the authority, but planning a trip of this nature can still feel a little intimidating

So – let’s help you get started with the most confident approach possible. Without further ado, please consider these three smart methods for planning a first business trip:

Find Appropriate Accommodations

It’s important to find the most appropriate accommodations to the extent they are suitable for your needs. Sure, you might save money by booking one hotel room with two separate beds, but for two colleagues that might not know each other personally, it’s not really suitable to have them sleep near one another, and offering separate rooms is necessary, not just a courtesy. Thankfully, places such as Baltimore, known for a rich corporate culture and business life, offer great Apart hotel accommodations suitable for a group of colleagues to easily, and privately lodge together until they complete their trip.

Get Your Expenses Plans & Receipt Organization Prepared

It’s healthy to get your expense plans and receipt organizations in place ahead of time. For example, some apps allow you to scan receipts completely, and by matching that with the physical receipts, you can keep a running tally of your extra expenditure so your accounts team can more easily go through it and consider what needs to be written off for tax purposes. It will also help you negotiate exactly that which will and won’t be paid for – accommodation, food and personal care often will, but entertainment is unlikely to be included depending on where you work and what packages they offer. If you run the business, then almost everything is fair game within reason.

Ensure Your Schedule Allows Free Time

It’s essential to give yourself enough time for everything you need to do while on your business trip. It may seem like cutting the amount of days you’re there will save you time, but remember that you need to head from place to place, prepare and make notes before and after meetings, and ideally, have a full day to travel depending on how far you’re going so you’re not exhausted or cutting it too fine by the day you arrive. In the long run, that will help you flourish and benefit.

With this advice, you’re sure to implement smart methods for planning a business trip, and hopefully benefit as a result. Overcoming your first business trip, even if it feels a little nerve-wracking at first, can round you off as a professional in the best possible light.


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