23 Things I Learned By 23

19 October 2020

I turned 23 last week and had so much fun celebrating! I’m not used to being 23 so every time I write an email now and have to change 22 to 23, I cringe! I feel like I’m getting so old. I put together a list of 23 things I’ve learned during my “Jordan year” to date, that I hope you’ll walk away feeling inspired by.

Don’t take shit from anyone- if someone doesn’t believe in you, work harder to prove them wrong.

I’d rather be alone than with someone who doesn’t make me happy for the sake of being with someone

Whenever someone says no, think of it is as a blessing instead of a curse

Honesty is key – stop lying to get out of things

Stay at home and spend time with your family

Bad sex is not worth bad sex! So just wait till you vibe with someone.

Don’t rush the process of becoming successful

Some friendships end but that doesn’t mean you can’t reconnect

Learn about taxes the minute you leave college so you’re not confused when you have to figure them out

Move to a city. Just do it and see what you learn!

College isn’t for everyone

Don’t give up your day job and always have a side hustle

Eat what you want in moderation!

Working out fuels your drive – always get a sweat in

Drinking doesn’t fuel you…so do it cautiously

Know yourself so that when someone tries to redirect you, you know what you’re doing

Fame isn’t fame unless it’s meaningful

Success is so sexy when you can get it on your own

Some of the richest most successful people I know are still figuring out what happiness is.

Pivoting is honestly exciting, the fact you can choose anything you want to do… how cool is that?

Therapy is so cool and don’t think you have to have “problems” to go

You must take risks – this world isn’t worth living if you don’t

Sit back and breathe. It’ll all work out: it always does.


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