20 Things I Wish I Knew Before 20

1 November 2017

Wearing Crossroads Trading top and Macy’s skirt

I missed my little blog! I’ve been living it up in Hawaii the past few days with my boyfriend, and being back in rainy LA kind of sucks! I’m always talking about how important mental health days are for the body and the brain, which is why I wanted to escape for a few days to a magical island. We stayed on Maui, but I have to say I was pleasantly disappointed about what Maui actually turned out to be like. Don’t get me wrong; the acai is super fruity, the poke is fresh, and the mountains are incredibly beautiful, but I was expecting more than just that.  Unfortunately, I have a tendency to always be wanting more. Maybe it’s just the way I think, or the way I was made to be, but a part of me is never happy with what is.

On This is Life Unfiltered today, Brenna and I talked all about what we wish we knew when we were younger. I have so many pieces of advice for teens, and parents, about growing up and learning to truly embrace and love your body and your mind. I regret wasting so much time when I was younger over analyzing my body, because we were all given bodies that were made just for us. I wasted days crying about boys who weren’t worthy of my time- which I know most girls, and guys, find themselves doing because we simply can’t help who we like. As you get older, you realize that the good guys are the ones who stick around through the bad, the ugly, and the phenomenal, and the rest just aren’t looking for what you might be looking for.

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