Making Your New Year’s Goals Stick

30 December 2019

A new year can bring a mix of emotions. I always get anxious when I think about a new year because I never know what to expect. It’s totally normal to feel like you aren’t doing enough or like you could have accomplished more in this year. You might start comparing yourself to other people or wake up on January 1st in a rut: these are totally normal feelings! I’ve never been a fan of making resolutions for a new year because if I can’t achieve them I get frustrated. Why put yourself through that?

What I’d suggest you do to prepare yourself for a new year while being kind to yourself is sit down with a notebook today or tomorrow and brainstorm some ideas (feasible and some that are outside of the box) on a piece of paper. Rip out that piece of paper and put it in your notebook to carry around until January 1st. Wherever you decide to spend NYE, whether you’ll be home or out with people, this piece of paper will remind you that you’re going to do just fine. Maybe all you need to write is be happy.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have any goals or aspirations, it might be time to rethink that. What’s your purpose in the world? What are you here to accomplish? I’m a big fan of big picture goals: I don’t advice making your goal of 2020 to fit into your jeans from when you were 12 or watching less TV. Unless you genuinely want to fit into those jeans…how about some goals like volunteering once or twice a week? Evaluating your friend group or the relationship you’re currently in if you feel you could be happier? Everything you do today, tomorrow and next year impacts who you’ll be in ten years.

Break your BIG dreams into small steps. You’re not going to land your dream job before your dream interview. You’re not going to land a TV show before you start taking acting classes. What small steps can you make towards your bigger 2020 goal? Learn from the past: if you did something this year because you thought you should do it or because someone told you to, how did that make you feel? Focus less on what people want you to do and focus more on how what you do impacts you.




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