95.3 Radio Interview

12 February 2018

WHAT A MORNING! I used to call into my local radio station to try and win Subway tickets every week when I was in middle school, and now I’m getting interviewed on this station. How nuts? Wayne, the host of 95.3 in Connecticut, asked me if I ever thought I’d be where I am when I started my blog. Like if someone had given me a crystal ball, would I have imagined my life being where it is?

Um, no. Heck no.

I never thought I would’ve been living in LA, following my dreams, appearing on crazy TV segments, and preparing for a TED TALK! Every moment I have to inspire more people and share my story reminds me why I’ve decided to follow this career path. I love my job, and I love you guys for your support. Thank you for believing in me- and I hope you believe in yourself more when you read about my journey.

Listen to the full interview here!




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